Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Tony. After studying Law at the University of Mont Blanc, I studied the structure and composition of English language, creative writing and old literature. I craft natural-sounding translations from English into French, taking into account local nuances and cultural considerations. I have experience in a variety of fields and mainly specialize in IT and fashion. I'm passionate and dedicated to preserving the essence and beauty of your text, for the people who care about the same things as you. I'm a member of the audiovisual translation association ATAA. All your data will remain strictly confidential.

Quality assurance


This is my cup of tea! Proofreading services include reading and reviewing your documents for spelling, typography, grammar, accuracy and clarity. Sentence by sentence, as an error detective, I correct any mistakes and imperfections down to the smallest detail. I also check the layout and formatting, and make sure that the translation is ready to publish. This service is aimed at professionals and individuals: publishing houses, press titles, authors, students, company directors... All texts are treated with the same attention, without distinction. They are checked and rechecked. Your project is in safe hands with me.

Alptra offers a variety of options for broadcast, home entertainment and streaming release.



I was born to be a transcriptionist! Get your audio and video files in French transcribed, whether it's a report, podcast, lecture, interview, meeting, memo or dictation. I produce high quality written documents based on your audio and video files, verbatim or edited. I can handle all content in commonly used file formats such as MP3, MP4, WAV or AVI. Please make sure that the audio is intelligible before sending me your files.



My Inspiration
As far as I can remember, when watching TV or a movie with my sister, we would always turn on the subtitles because of her hearing issue. I love translating them and making sure they are perfect. It has helped me to understand my purpose and I can work where I’m at my most creative and productive, while preserving precision and attention to detail. Let's make some magic!

Every project is special.

We are located in the French Alps, between France, Italy and Switzerland.


Our clients include individuals, businesses, broadcasting & media production companies.

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